Alisa Wood

Assistant Director for External Relationships and Funding Opportunities

Indiana Business Research Center
IU Bloomington


Alisa joined the Indiana Business Research Center in 2013, taking the lead role in identifying partnership and funding opportunities for the center. Her work includes collaborating with contacts in the business, government, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors to help meet the intended goals of clients and partners within a contracts and grants context.

Alisa is also involved in oversight of grants received to help ensure that participants’ expectations are realized and compliance guidelines are met. 

She has more than 10 years of well-rounded experience with grants. Alisa served as a reviewer of grant applications at the Indiana Department of Commerce, as a financial analyst with Indiana University’s Grant and Contract Services, and as the budget, research and grants manager for the City of Bloomington.

In collaboration with the IBRC team, Alisa is eager to work with former, current and new partners and clients to advance each stakeholder’s efforts and those of the IBRC and Kelley School of Business.

Alisa earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and friends and loves a good comedian, especially Brian Regan.