Kevin Krivacsy

Economic Research Analyst

Indiana Business Research Center
IU Bloomington


Kevin joined the Indiana Business Research Center in 2016 and currently works on several projects for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.  These include understanding the relationship between postsecondary education in Indiana and industry demand in the state, understanding changes in skill requirements for occupations, and understanding how Indiana’s workers have transitioned from declining industries over the years to new employment opportunities.

Prior to joining the IBRC, Kevin worked for a county government in the GIS department and spent a summer working for the U.S. Census Bureau in Maryland. 

Kevin has also worked on a variety of projects in graduate school related to transportation, land use and housing issues in urban areas.  He has regularly presented his work at conferences, including the annual meetings of the Association of American Geographers and the North American Regional Science Council.

Kevin is currently a doctoral candidate in geography at the University of Tennessee.